Are you a

Architect or Engineer?

Government and Companies you assist and advise on construction of the best most durable infrastructure projects hope you will specify the best materials and provide local jobs.


Tuf-bar ties and bolts  are better and should be advised used and provide local jobs

  • Save 25% on Installation
  • 1/4 the Weight of Steel -> Reduces Injury
  • Perfect for Painting
  • High Strength
  • Any Length
  • No Water Penetration
  • No Sealing
  • No Patching
  • Non Magnetic 
  • No Rust
  • Extremely High Embedment Strength
  • High Strength
  • 100 Year Life Span
Ties and Bolts
  • Thread Available on Any Part of Any Bar
  • 100+ Years of Corrosion Resistance
  • 2x Tensile Strength
  • Easy to Post Tension
  • Low Electric Conductivity

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